Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Review: ESSENCE Multi Action Blackest Black Mascara

What Essence say?
Essence say that this mascara should give your eyelashes volume, length and curliness for dramatic look of your eyelashes with innovative brush. It has special texture with carbon black pigments. Essence also offer other multi action mascars: regular mascara and waterproof mascara. I bought this blackest black mascara because I love really black eyelashes.


What I say?
This mascara is very black but I don't see dramatic difference when comparing to some other 'normal' black mascaras that I own. Brush is very good, not to big not to small. Size of the brush is perfect for my eyes so I don't make mess around my eyes like I do if brush is very big.

Brush WITH flash

Brush WITHOUT flash

Mascara curls my eyelashes and it gives them a little bit of length but it doesn't give much volume. At the end of the day it starts to clump, then clumps fall out and smudges a little bit. Here I'm talking about wearing mascara since 8am till 7pm which is 11 hours without any touch ups and while having a lot of stuff to do. For its price and lasting 11 hours until sumdging, I think this mascara is great.

More picutres:

WITH flash


Here comes the pictures were you can see how it looks like. I like the look of my eyelashes for everyday wear. The look is not dramatic but it is nice and neat. I usually never put more than two coats of mascara. One coat is for everyday wear and two coats for night out. On those pictures I didn't curl my lashes, I just putted one coat of mascara.

Eyelashes without mascara and not curled:

Eyelashes with one coat of mascara:

+black eyelashes
+gives a little bit of length
+curls eyelashes
+lasts a long time until smudging and clumping

-not much volume

All in all:
I'm very satisfied with this mascara and look of my eyelashes for everyday wear. For its price it does excellent job. I do recommend this mascara. You don't have much to lose for trying this mascara since it costs only 23HRK or 3,99$ for 9mL/0,3 fl.oz.

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