Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Review: BOURJOIS Healthy Mix Foundation

What Bourjois says?
Give your skin radiance boost and leave it looking flawless for up to 16 hours. It is enriched with a fruit therapy fourmula to enhance your complexion: apricot (radiance), melon (hydration), apple (antioxidant). It has a glide-on formula that blends onto the skin for a flawless, radiant finish. It is good for the skin because it gives 8 hours of moisture and lets skin breath. More information you can find on their website (link).

What I say?
Firstly I noticed the packaging of the product. Glass bottle with a pump, everything that I like and look for. Then, I noticed the smell of the foundation. It is a very light, fruity and pleasant smell which I really like. It vanish a little bit after applying foundation on. 

Color is No.52 (Vanilla)

Next thing is the texture which is not too thick or too thin but more on a side of being thin - liquidy. One pump is enough for covering all face. It glides on very smoothly, very easly and blends in the skin perfectly. It gives natural dewy finish. I don't feel it on my face and it is like my own skin which I really like. I didn't wear this foundation for 16 hours but I did wear it for up to 11 hours and staying power is very good. When I remove make-up at night, still I can see a lot of product on the cotton pad which means that foundation really stayes that long on the skin.


WITH flash

I would say that coverage is light. I tried to upgrade it to the medium coverage with one more additional layer but it wasn't looking nice. If you have problems with acne, blemishes or very expressed redness, I can't recommend this foundation for you. If you have good looking skin and you want to make it more even and alive, this is the foundation for you. I did have a period when I had a bad breakout and a period when I had a dry patch. I couldn't cover breakout and needed high coverage concealer or foundation to cover it. On the other hand, it did stuck lightly on the dry patch but it wasn't looking that bad. I know that this foundation isn't high coverage so I don't give it a bad point because of that.


It is not suitable for people with oily skin - even with setting powder, it will still look oily / too dewy. For all of you that have very dry skin with dry patches, I can recommend it but only if you put very hydrating cream on the dry patches. I'm pretty sure that you have a hard time on finding foundation that will not show dry patches even more so I think this one is close enough to not make them more obvious and worse. This is great foundation for all of you with normal skin, dry skin and even combination skin. The last group of people should put setting powder on the critical area and make it more matte.

This foundation didn't break me out and when I had a period of dryness, this foundation gave me more moisture. And the last information is that it doesn't have SPF. I don't mined it because I use my moisturizer with SPF in it.

+ smell
+ packaging
+ staying power
+ dewy but natural finish
+ for the variety of skins: normal, dry and combination skin
+ light coverage

- be careful if you have oily skin or very dry skin with dry patches
- no mechanism that puls product up like the old version of healthy mix foundation had

All in all:
I like this foundation. It is true to what they say about it and I like true advertising. Very good foundation if you don't have big problems with your skin, for light coverage, for nice and natural feeling on your skin, your skin can breathe and it hydrates the skin (but, of course, it can't replace your moisturizer).

I payed around 100 HRK for 30 mL / 1.fl.oz. of product.

* * * 

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