Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Review: ESSENCE Stay Matt Lip Cream (Silky Red)

* general:
Essence Stay Matt Lip Cream is from their new line. I have it in color Silky Red which is an intense red color. I would say it has cold undertone and I think it is a perfect red color - pure, intense and really red. This lip cream comes also in Velvet Rose, Smooth Berry and Soft Nude. It has 4mL / 0,13fl.oz. Price is 17 HRK.

* pigmentation:
This lip cream is very very pigmentated. Just with one layer you get an opaque color. It applies very easly, evenly and it just glides on. When it starts to fade, it fades evenly. 

* staying power:
It has a great staying power. For example, after the meal and glass of apple juice, it stayed on my lips.

* finish:
It is a lip cream that has semi-matt finish and can stay on the lips for a long period of time. Because of that, it can be drying for the lips. I didn't notice that my lips are dry. Maybe after a few hours I need to use lip balm to hydrate my lips but that is something that I usually do, especially in winter time.

* smell:
It has scent to it. Sweet scent, when I smell it longer, it reminds me of caramel. Can't really describe it but I really like it :) Smell fades away after applying.

+ price
+ pigmentation
+ applies and fades evenly
+ applicator
+ excellent staying power
+ smell
+ semi-matt finish

- none

All in all:
I'm very surprised with quality of this product and low price. I'm thinking of buying it in Soft Nude as well. I'm hoping that Essence would add some other colors too. Amazing product that fulfil all of my requirements that I have about lip products - from the price, quality, staying power, pigmetation to the applicator, smell, etc.


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