Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Review: Bourjois Flower Perfection Foundation

 About product / My opinion:

* lasting power: 16 h
I wore this foundation a whole day and it really lasted me that long. I can say that after 12-13 h, it did slightly fade away but nothing very noticeable. At the end of the day it was still looking good and there was still a lot of product on my cotton pad while removing it. So, I can say that it has a great lasting power and I really like that.

* SPF 15
Even though I almost never look does the foundation has SPF or doesn't have - I mean that is not my priority while picking up foundation - still I'm very happy that it does have SPF 15 which is not too high or too low. It is always good to protect your skin during the day, even in winter time. 

* dermatologically tested and non-comedogenic
I can't say is it really dermatologically tested or not but I'm glad that it says it is tested. About non-comedogenic part, I can say it really is non-comedogenic because I have a sensitive skin that breaks out very quckly and very easily. I never had break out while I was using this foundation which is really important to me and I'm glad that it is true to what they are saying. In this section I will just mention that it has a extract of wild azalea which protects cells from ageing - a good thing to know :)

* suitable for all skin types
I must disagree with this! During winter I usually have dryer skin and this foundation doesn't work out for me at all. I tired every possible way to put on foundation but it keeps being very bad looking on my skin. You can actually see foundation there. It looks too powdery, too velvety, it doesn't sits right on my skin, it is like aggregated in some little dots that you can see - can't described it differently :(. I tried stippling brush, buffing brush, that classic foundation brush, damp and dry sponge, my fingers. I tried to put really heavy moisturizer underneath it, tried to put different primers, tried to mix foundation with moisturizer. Nothing worked. So, if you have dryer or dry or very dry skin this is not for you. I think that it will be very good for oily skin types and normal skin types with great moisturizer underneath it.

* matt finish
It is true, it has a matt finish which I really like. Even though I tend to have dryer skin during winter I loooove matt finish and I usually use setting powder. So, if foundation already has a matt finish that means I don't have to use setting power which means I can save some money :) But, sadly, I understand now that foundation with a matt finish just doesn't work with my skin type because it sits very bad on my skin. Again, if you have oily skin, this would be a good deal. 

* covering pores, little wrinkles
I do have pores on my cheeks. They are not so noticeable but enough for me to see them and want them smooth and non visible at all. Unfortunately this foundation accentuated all these things and made them more visible. Even with a primer, I still did see them and not like it at all. But, again I say, that is because this foundation is really not even nearly good for my skin.

* medium coverage
It has a very good coverage - medium coverage that you can build up to a higher level with one more additional thin layer. It covered blemishes on my cheeks and covered my undereye circles very well so I didn't have a need to use concealer. I'm really satisfied with the amount of coverage that it offers.

* consistency
Not too liquid but also not too thick. It dries a little bit faster so you need to work with it fast enough. When it sets, it has a matt finish.

* smell
It has a scent to it. Floral, light, decent scent. It fades away just after application. I really like it (for the record - I usually like smell of cosmetic products - not all of them, but most of them).


* range of colors
It has a good range of colors. I'm am so satisfied with the color I bought because I finally found color that matches my skin tone so great! I bought number 52 which is Vanilla. Suitable for pale skin. I think it has a slightly yellow undertone and I was surprised how good it matched my skin. I didn't look orange, or yellow, or sick, or too dark. All of you that have pale skin, check out Bourjois foundations because I think that they have light enough shades than any other brand out there.  

* has integrated sponge applicator for even finish
I actually didn't use it. I usually don't use sponges to apply foundation, I use them if I'm forced to do that - like in this case - I used sponge (not that sponge that comes with package) just to try because non of the other techniques worked. Also, the cap has a few holes so that sponge can have some air and dry faster if you put it in the cap - thoughtful of them :) If you like using sponges, I think you would really like this. Also, the packaging itself is firm, made of glass, a cap is made of firm plastic, has a pump for easier and nicer dosage of product.

* price
Around 105 HRK for 30 mL of product. In some drugstores it is cheaper than in others and also you can find it on discounts. I think it has a good value.

+ coverage
+ matt finish
+ pump
+ price
+ lasting power
+ non-comedogenic
+ extract of wild azalea

- not at all for a dryer skin, dry or very dry skin
- too powdery finish on dryer skin
- you can actually see it on (dryer skin)

All in all:
I do recommend you to try this product but only if you have oily skin. Also, I think it will work fine for normal skin that lean towards oily skin (combination skin) or use a good moisturizer underneath it. If you are looking for medium coverage, this is a very good pick for you. If you like sponges, then this is excellent product for you because you have sponge in a cap :)

* * *

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