Monday, July 2, 2012

Review: Leopard Zipper Dress & Sequins Dress (

I bought them from Recently I found this site and saw some really nice stuff. For this time I bought this two dresses.

Here we go with review:

FIRST dress:
Full name Sexy Flare Leopard Zipper Gray Tube Mini Dress;
Item number SA122303GA

My pictures:

My opinion:
As you can see on my pictures, dress is a little bit darker on the one side which is not shown on their website. It is a little bit shorter than written. Good thing is material - really nice and firm. Also there is a rubber on the back side to hold dress in place. Cups are a little bit padded. All in all, I really liked this one :)

SECOND dress:
Full name Fashion European Style Sequins Straps Dress;
Item number CA121804BA

My pictures:

My opinion:
As you can see, this one is ruined. It came with this hole in it. I think that pictures says it all :( Not satisfied, not happy! Yes, I can sew that and I will but hey...they should carefully check their clothes before sending! Well, maybe this was the only faulty item and it came to me. I will buy from them again but for next times I expect from them more caution about what they are sending. Material is really nice and soft, but a little bit transparent on the back. And when I sewed that hole and put dress on, it looked actually really good. For tall girls like me, this is more like a tunic/shirt not dress.

I see that both of these dresses are temporarly out of stock but I'm sure that they will restock it. So that you can buy it if you like it. Or want to experiment with second one to see if you will also get faulty item or it was just mine ;)