Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mood Lipsticks :)

Brand: no name :)
Price: very cheap
Texture: first one hard to put on, second one goes on easly
Staying power: excellent

They are called 'mood lipsticks' because they change color when putted on. Color is green and on lips turns into hot red or sometimes into light red-pink color. They were cheap, I found them in some store over here. 

Staying power is amazing, they stay on lips for a veeeeery long time - after eating, drinking, talking, etc. - and fade away just a little bit after kissing ;) Second one has a little bit stronger staying power than first one. BUT, due to their resistance, they really dry out lips! So it's necessary to put a lot of lip balm from time to time.

I must mention packaging of the second one. It looks so great in reality, so elegant and like nothing that I had until now. But the cap falls off and it is not good for traveling. Also it has a noticeable smell which goes away when putted on. First one looks very cheap and no smell.

Packaging (bigger picture)

Without flash

With flash


Natural light; right after applying it.
First one changes color really fast;
Second one changes color a little bit slower.

Natural light, after they both changed color;
First one looks pink just like on lips;
But second one looks weird on my hand but on lips turns into hot red.

Both of them with flash:

* * *

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