Monday, June 18, 2012

Review: Bowknot Design Jeans Blue (

I bought this fabulous jeans on (link on that jeans). When I ordered them, I was so impatient about their coming to me :) But within 15 business days they arrived to Croatia :) 

They look so great. I'm really in love with them :) But I would say that color is a bit different (darker) than on the pictures on their webiste. If you ask me, I like them better darker than lighter :)

Sooo here are my pictures:



With flash

In this paradise, there must be and is one sad thing - measurements. I bought size M. Recording to their mesaurements it should fit nicely. But measurements are wrong written. I can put this pants on and that's it. I can't move in them, I can't sit, nothing. They are so tight!

For size M it should be like this:
waist 76 cm
hip 88 cm
length 99 cm

In reality is like this:
waist 72 cm
hip 84 cm
length 94 cm

As you can see, they are off and I really need those extra centimeters so I could move around while wearing them. I'm sad that I can't wear them so I needed to give them away :(

These pants are really great and good quality but be careful about measurements :)

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