Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Review: Dueba Puffy 3 Tone Gray Contact Lenses (

I bought these lenses on honeycolor website. After I ordered I saw some really bad reviews about that website. I was so scared that same things would happen to me - that lenses wouldn't come or it will came after a long time or they will not send it. They said that it will come to Croatia within 15 business days. They shipped them one day after I paid and gave me tracking number. And lenses came after 13 business days. So, I had a good experience with this site, luckly. They also have free shipping and very good prices.

Some specifications about lenses:
B.C. 8,6 mm
Diameter 14,5 mm
Water Content 38%
Usage Modality: Yearly

Lenses were very well packed. As you can see on the first picture, they came in a box with 'honeycolor' name on it, of course. And I got free lens case in animal hypo :) I realized that case is gray since lenses I ordered are gray. So, they really pay attention to match lenses color with case color. That was very cute from them :) But that lens case is not that firm so you can find that solution is leaking out if you turn case upside down. I'm using my regular case to store them in ;)

Lenses came in this container as you see on this image below. Some people have trouble with opening this containter but in my case it wasn't hard at all. You just need to use a little bit of force to pull it and then it goes easly. I suggest, if you don't know how to open it or never seen containter like this, do some research on the internet about opening it or ask someone to show you ;)

Here are pictures without flash and with flash. Just to show you color.

Without flash

With flash

In person, lenses are not strictly gray because they are 3 tone color so you can see gray with a hint of a green/blue mixed in one another. They have yellow ring inside (around pupile) so, on eyes, they look a bit natural. When you put them on, dark ring around them, is not that noticeable. It is not black, but is dark gray so that also give a bit natural look on eyes. 

I'm really satisfied with color because it is veeeery similar to my own natural eye color so it blends perfectly. Just what I wanted :)

Since they are 14,5 mm in diameter, they are big. I read a lot of reviews where people said that enlargement is ok but not big. Well, on my eyes they look big. But hey...I never tried lenses with that diameter so I didn't know what to expect.

First time I putted them on, I really looked very strange to myself. After two times wearing them, now it looks normal to me. Well, I wanted lenses really close to my natural eye color but with a bigger diameter. I got them now :) But I must admit I can't pull them of without makeup. A little bit of a black pencil or eyeliner, or some nice blended eyeshadow and of course mascara ... and then I'm ready to go :)

How they look on my eyes:


WITH flash, both lenses!

WITH flash, left eye without lens, right eye with lens


WITHOUT flash, both lenses

WITHOUT flash, left eye without lens, right eye with lens

I found these lenses very comfortable. I wear them for 8 hours not longer. I don't wear them longer because we all know it is not suggested to do so and you shouldn't wear them for a long time, it could damage your eye after some time. I'm really careful about that. During the day, maybe after 5-6 hours, my eyes become just a little bit red but if you put 1-2 eye drops it will be just fine. Well, my normal everyday lenses start bothering me after 3-4 hours with red eyes, itching and a lot of eye drops. So I must say I was really surprised with comfort.

I don't know if I'm the right person to talk about putting them in because I have a long time of experience with lenses. I wear lenses for 6 years now and putting them in or out is like a piece of cake to me. So, it was very easy for me to put them in and out. But I did notice that material is a little bit different than normal everyday lenses so I think that someone who never put lenses in or out would have some trouble with it but nothing big or scared I think. Also, in the box they came in, you got instructions how to put them in and out. You should check that out before using them. Or do some research on the internet about that. 

But what I suggest is that, when you got your lenses, don't put them in right away. Leave them in a solution that you normally use for lenses to set in for at least 5 hours. Some people recommend to do so for 24 hours. I suppose you know that you need to have a solution especially made for cleaning up and desinfect your lenses. Clean them a little bit before putting them in and of course do so after putting them out. So they will stay clean and more comfortable.

I like these lenses. Color and comfort are great! I love them =) And sorry for a long post - I really needed to write everything about them.

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