Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Review: Honolulu Bronzing Powder by W7

Recently I found this bronzer on the internet. It had very good reviews so I decided to buy it. It is not expensive, I think that price is reasonable.

Sooo, about this bronzer ... My opinion is - amazing! I was so surprised how good it is. It is very pigmentated and color that you get is brown (not orange!). I have lighter skin and it is not too dark on me. Well, you must be careful how much you put it on, otherwise it could be dark. Or if you have darker skin, it will work just great. There is no smell. And you get that little brush. Well, it is cute but ... I didn't use it. I used my ordinary brush for bronzer. But I will give it a try next time I put bronzer on. Packaging looks really cute and nice. Love it 

So here are my pictures of it:

Without flash! 

With flash!

I bought it from
I love that site! I already bought some things and was very satisfied with packaging and quality of products. I am satisfied also with customer service very much! I needed to ask them something and they replied me in just a little while. Thank you =)

About this particular bronzer, I must say OMG, packaging was sooo great. I mean, this little bronzer came in much bigger box :) Inside that box there were 3 of those bags filled with air so that bronzer doesn't crack while transporting. Also lid of a bronzer was attached with small transparent tape just in case it does not open, even though it is not so easy to open. They are just so detailed and careful with products they sell :)

On this picture you can see that box and bag with air in it,
 just to see difference between box and bronzer

Inside box - there were 3 of those green bags :)

One more important thing - it came in just 4 bussiness days to Croatia. 
That's just great! :))

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