Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Review: Bioxet Hair Reducing Body Cream (130mL)

First of all, a little bit about this cream:
It says that it reduces and weakens unwanted body hair (permanent solution). More effective than ever with its newly developed formula and its new fragrance, this cream may safely be used on all parts of the body.

After 3 month's usage - Once daily

46% Reduction in hair number.
43% Reduction in hair length.
30% Hair Weakening.

Twice daily

57% Reduction in hair number.
51% Reduction in hair length.
32% Hair Weakening.

When I saw that description, I just needed to have it because of the hair on my arms. To be realistic, my arm hairs are not sooo black or sooo big but enough to see it and to bothering me. So I bought this cream to see will it really work and will I get rid of that arm hairs :)

How is BIOXET used?

Step 1: Remove all unwanted hair from the roots, using your usual method (e.g. waxing, threading, plucking, epilator etc). Wash the area to be treated thoroughly.

Step 2: Apply a sufficient amount of BIOXET cream to the cleansed area, massaging against the direction of the hair growth until the cream is absorbed.

Step 3: Apply BIOXET to the treated area every night before bed until hair reaches a sufficient length for repeat removal, and then continue with Step 1.

Will BIOXET work if applied to facial hair directly, without prior hair removal?
BIOXET cream can be applied directly, and without hair removal on areas of the body such as the nape and back on men, and for the removal of facial hair on women, when removal of hair from the roots is not possible. In this case, it should be noted that the period of time needed for satisfactory results will be longer.

To be honest, I'm not using it every day nor twice a day and I'm not waxing it before using (I did wax them just first time of using it, every other time I did not wax them!). I use it when I want to or when I remember to put it on BUT always before bed time because at night hair activity is much increased than during the day. 

What I want to say is that, even though I'm not using it strictly as it's written, I saw very big difference on my arm hairs! After one spended bottle of Bioxet, my hairs were much smaller and lighter! Now, I'm using another bottle of it and I can see that they are also reduced in number. I'm so happy and satisfied with the result I have.

I didn't have any problems with it like rash or itching (I saw some reviews where people said that they had these problems but I didn't). This cream also did moisturize my skin. I must say cream has some smell. It is light/subtle but you can smell it. In my case, I love it :) But I usually love smell of cosmetics like creams, body washes, also smell of lipstick, lip glosses etc.

Pictures coming soon

Conclusion - I recommend this cream. In my case and experience it really did a great job and I'm satisfied. If you buy it, you must be really patient to see results. Nothing will happen in just a few days. It takes time :) And also, everything depends on your hairs. If you have a lot of them or if they are really black, of course you will need a few of these bottles and TIME to get rid of them permanently :)

More questions and answers you can find on their web site:

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