Wednesday, March 28, 2012

NYX & ELF MakeUp Haul and Review

I am going to say something about all of them ... just read more :)

From top to bottom, here we go:

* ELF Powder Brush *
I didn't expect anything amazing from this brush. I just saw a couple of reviews about it saying it is great. I saw that price is ok and affordable so I decided to buy it. I really needed a good brush for liquid foundation. I had the most known foundation brush (brush like this) but I wasn't so happy with it. Well, it was great for very good couverage but usually I felt like I'm having a mask on my face, like I have a looot of foundation going there. I don't like that feeling every day. It is good for special occasions but not for every day. That's why I bought this e.l.f brush. 

I was soooo amazed when I tried it! My face was also happy :) I'm so glad that I read all of that reviews and bought it. While using this brush you will still have a very good coverage but, on the other hand, it will be so light on your face. I didn't even feel like wearing foundation. It was, like everybody says, airbrushed look. Looks very natural, very pretty. 

Bristles are so soft that's why it doesn't irritate your skin and still they are dense which is important for good applying of foundation. Also, foundation doesn't stuck on bristles so you can be sure that all foundation is used (nothing stays in - like on sponge or fingers; everything is used on your face). They're not falling of. I hate when bristles fall of on my face so they are everywhere. Especially I'm happy with that - they don't fall of :))) I even washed it, still anything didn't fall of, still they are so soft.

Also, very good thing - if you are using this brush you can put a little bit less foundation than usual because it will smudge very well. So you can save up your foundation and it will last longer :)

* NYX Round Lip Gloss - Red Tint *
This is the only item from all of them that I don't like ... Well, it is called Red Tint and in the bottle you can see that color is like very purple ... so I expected that it will be at least a little bit colored but ... it is clear! On my lips there is no color. Like I put on a clear gloss. I also tried it on my hand, still nothing. So I'm not satisfied with this one.

* NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss - Sunrise
* NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss - African Queen
OMG, I loooooove these glosses! This is what you called: a gloss! Veeery pigmented. Very nice colors. Stayed on my lips very long time. I love the smell they have and that little bow on the lid :))) I will buy more colors. Very good price and excellent quality. These are my favorite glosses that I will be using from now on :)

* NYX Slim Lip Pencil - Purple Rain
* NYX Slim Eye Pencil - White Pearl
Like those glosses above, I loooove these pencils! Again, very pigmented and long lasting. What I find most important about pencils is that they should and must slide on veeery easly. These pencils have that! They slide on just like that. I don't have to make an effort to get a little bit of color like I have to do with some other pencils I have - and that I throw away after I found those pencils. Sooo happy :)

* ARDELL Brow Pencil - Dark Brown
I also bought Ardell's pencil. I didn't read anything about it, I just bought it because it was very affordable and I needed brow pencil. So I gave it a shot and I'm glad I did :) Slides on very easly, nice color, long lasting! I'm veeeery satisfied!

* NYX Concealer In A Jar - Light
One more item from NYX that I loooooove ❤ Again, very pigmanted, long lasting and very good coverage. I used it under my eyes to cover that dark circles and I didn't notice any creasing - that's what I really like. I got 'Light' color. I didn't know how is it going to look like but turns out that I got a really good color for my skin! 

ELF Powder Brush is bought on eBay (seller sweetdreamfl), link si here: eBay 
I see that it is not available anymore by this seller but I'm sure that you can find it in other eBay stores. You can buy it on their official web site:

Those NYX stuff I bought on this site: beautyjoint
It was very good wraped, shipping was fast (week and a hlaf to Croatia). Prices are great, price of the shipping is also very good (not expensive like some other stores usually makes it!). review is done :) 

I'm hoping that you like it. Also, come back sometimes to see what's new. 

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