Monday, December 12, 2011

Review: Skinny Denim Look Leggings (eBay)

Here are pictures of them and links:

1.) Item number: 320748234613
Link: Blue Skinny Legging

2.) Item number: 110733087132
Link: Gray Legging

3.) Item number: 200648387504
Link: Blue Legging

Rate: 6.8 / 10

Good things: 9.9/10
- they look like in the picture (maybe real color is a little darker)
they can really fool you to be real pants (if someone is watching you from some distance it really looks good)

So-so things :) 6/10
- made of a very thin material
- have very high waist (not low like shown in all pictures in the links)
- material is sleek on touch which is nice, but material is spandex+acrylic, after some time wearing, it becomes a little hot / unconfortable in them 
they can't be worn in winter time, only warmer time

Bad things: 3/10
- have some weird smell (I washed them 4 times and still they have that smell. I'm hoping that it will go away after more washes)
- from close up you can actually see throug them (it is stretchy but you can see your leg. If you have bigger legs, it will so stretch that you will definitely see your leg. And if they are lighter color, there is a bigger chance to see through.)

Price: 5.5/10
First two I won in auction for, I think, half of the original price. And half price is ok for them, but real price is too much for what you get.

Shipping time: 9.8/10
Shipping was ok, not too fast, not too slow.

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