Monday, February 13, 2012

Review: Bodycon Skirt Ribbed Stretch (eBay)

Item number: 150738100481

I bought Black and Royal Blue skirt. As you can see in those 2 pictures, it clearly says the length is 42 cm (or approx. which means 1-2 cm off) --- click on the first 2 pictures to see better what is written.

First thing that I noticed about black skirt is that it is 38 cm! That is 4 cm shorter! I think it is too much off. I really needed those 42 cm because I'm taller and 38 cm isn't good or smart choice for me. Length is the first reason I bought this skirt and now I'm disappointed. Every other skirt I found on eBay is 38 cm. Then I should have bought any other skirt for a half of the price! And my size was 10. Is it shorter in size 8? Seller really MUST correct this length.

Then I saw this horrible zipper in the back of the skirt. I don't like it at all. On this black skirt, well, it can pass ... even though I think it is horrible but on the blue one is much worse!

Now, royal blue skirt. Color is great! I just love it! Length is 40 cm, well it can pass... Quality of both skirts is good. Material stretches a little bit, it is a little bit thicker, firm. Everything is sewed together very well.

But what's up with this zipper?! I don't like it at all! On black skirt you can't see it very well like here. I see that it is a hit now in fashion, but I don't like it. I want normal, small zipper for skirts. We all know how that zipper looks like - you can barely see it. 

Now I must correct it and put normal zipper in it. This is why you don't have back view on eBay link. It never crossed my mind that it could look like this. I didn't thought that way. That's my mistake, now I know for future - always ask for more pictures if there's not any!

Conclusion - I'm not so happy with recieved item. I'm disappointed. For that price I was expecting nice skirt (with normal zipper! - that's bothering me very much). Now I'm thinking: Well, I could have bought any other skirt on eBay and save my money. 

Maybe someone likes zipper looking like this. It is hit nowdays in fashion. But still, there are people who don't like it! There should be back view of the skirt or at least mentioned somewhere that zipper is biiiig and black on every color (not just on black skirt). It says there is a back zip detail! That doesn't mean anything than there is only zipper (it doesn't says what kind of zipper). Most of people would expect normal zipper for skirts (like I did).

Veeery good thing was shipping - extra fast! I love when it arrives very fast =)

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