Monday, October 31, 2011

Review: Hooded jacket (eBay)

My first review is about first item I bought on eBay. It was over a year ago so I can't find that exact item and that seller anymore.

Here is the picture how it really looks like:

(NOTE: when I was buying it there was also light color as my hoodie – color was the same as shown in the picture)

Rate: 10 / 10

Looks: 10/10
excellent, looks the same as shown; I'm very pleased, satisfied and happy with this item

Quality (material): 10/10
very warm, I love wearing it in winter time. Outside material is soft. It looks great when you put it on - you can zip it all the way or leave it like the first picture shows. Anyway it looks great. 

Shipping time: 9.9/10
about 2 weeks to Croatia which is ok

All the best! My first online shopping went great ;)

Follow my blog, there will be more items to show you. Some newer items with item number and seller that you can still find ;)


If you like this hoodie, but you don't know where to find it and under which name, I found it while I was trying to find mine. So you can find it here:


These are item numbers - you can put it in search bar on eBay and it will pop out :) While all that stuff are similar and coming from China, you will probably get the same thing that I did.